The Pacific Slope

This cable car heads out over the lakeshore then pretty much straight up the hillside. It's a half-hour ride with some stunning views of the surrounding countryside from the top.

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1. Cerro San Cristóbal

7.91 MILES

Perched on a hillside overlooking the Panchoy valley, this is a well-managed organic farm that's packed with small pleasures. Tours are given of a…

2. Iglesia y Convento de Belén

8.83 MILES

In the garden outside this convent is a poignant statue of Hermano Pedro, the revered saint whose shadow looms large in Antigua. It was here that he died…

3. Iglesia de la Escuela de Cristo

8.91 MILES

Within this remarkably well-preserved church is a life-size Christ figure, who is borne around town during Antigua's enormous Semana Santa processions…

4. Iglesia de San Francisco

8.98 MILES

This church is imbued with the spirit of Hermano Pedro de San José de Bethancourt, a Franciscan monk who founded a hospital for the poor in Antigua and…

5. Iglesia y Convento de Santo Domingo

9.09 MILES

Founded by Dominican friars in 1542, Santo Domingo became the biggest and richest monastery in Antigua. Following three 18th-century earthquakes, the…

6. Iglesia y Convento de Santa Clara


Established by sisters from Puebla, Mexico, Santa Clara was inaugurated in 1734, destroyed four decades later by the great quake and abandoned…

7. Choco Museo

9.21 MILES

It was the Maya who discovered the culinary uses of the cacao bean, which later became a form of currency for the Aztec empire. These are a few of the…

8. Iglesia de San José El Viejo

9.24 MILES

Originally built as a shrine to house the image of Saint Joseph, this church stood completed for just 11 years before the 1773 earthquake laid it low. Its…