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Lívingston is unlike anywhere else in Guatemala. Its Garifuna people, their colors, culture, rhythms, flavors, and disposition, are the best reason to visit – nowhere else in Guatemala will you find such a fun and relaxed vibe. But it's not just the people: good beaches are nearby and the slow-and-easy take on life is enchanting. Here boats lie derelict in picturesque decay; people paddleboard or kayak lazily amid refreshing ocean breezes; and pelicans soar overhead as happy hour starts in late afternoon. It's just lovely.

Though the town is most easily and cheaply visited from nearby Puerto Barrios, the approach along the Río Dulce is worth the extra time: it's so wild it was used as the location for the TV series The New Adventures of Tarzan. The river's mist-shrouded cliffs, thick jungle, jade-colored water (which hides numerous manatees) make arriving in this quirky Caribbean town all the more memorable.

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