Pointe des Châteaux


This long peninsula right at the eastern tip of Grande-Terre is a beautiful stretch of landscape. With some good beaches on both sides, it's popular with locals, who head here to escape the crowds in St-François. It's also enormously popular with cyclists, who love the scenic flat road. The culmination of the peninsula is a cliff, topped with a giant cross, that looks towards La Désirade island and offers spectacular ocean views.

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Nearby Grande-Terre attractions

1. Marina de St-François

6.14 MILES

In the center of St-François, Guadeloupe's biggest marina is the playground of the Caribbean yacht-owning classes. The only other reason to come here is…

2. Marché La Rotonde

6.45 MILES

St-François' boldest piece of architecture is its perfectly circular art-deco farmers market slap bang in the middle of town. Packed with fruit and veg in…

3. Plage des Raisins Clairs

7.18 MILES

The real reason to head to St-François, Plage des Raisins Clairs on the western outskirts of the town is a popular sandy beach where it's safe to swim…

4. Plage de Bois Jolan

11.53 MILES

Around 3km east of Ste-Anne and only accessible by car, this heavenly, off-the-beaten-track beach with its shallow warm water and white sand backed by…

5. Damoiseau Distillery

14.03 MILES

For those who don’t speak French but know how distilleries work, this is a nice chance to wander around at will. It's particularly active during the cane…

6. Plage de la Caravelle

14.63 MILES

This headland of white sand about 2km west of Ste-Anne's center is one of Guadeloupe's very finest beaches – it's the Caribbean you probably came to see…

7. Edgar Clerc Archaeological Museum

14.85 MILES

This relatively small but informative museum has a fascinating display of archaeological finds made on Guadeloupe and elsewhere in the Caribbean. Much of…

8. Anse Maurice

18.39 MILES

The nearly empty, quite remote beach of Anse Maurice is accessed via a small road with concrete tracks. The water is clear and very shallow until you walk…