Gerakas Beach


The best beach in the south, Gerakas is a strand of fine sand that faces the Bay of Laganas. It's also a crucial turtle-nesting site, so visitor numbers are restricted, and all access is forbidden between dusk and dawn from May to October; conservation advice is displayed near the access path.

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Nearby Zakynthos attractions

1. Mediterranean Marine Life Centre

0.12 MILES

At this small centre you can learn about the problems turtles face and perhaps see some of them at the in-house rescue and rehabilitation centre. The…

2. National Marine Park of Zakynthos

0.18 MILES

Covering an area of 135 sq km, this marine park in Zakynthos' Bay of Laganas was created in 1999 to protect the endangered loggerhead turtle.

3. Logothetis Organic Farm

1.14 MILES

The 80-hectare Logothetis farm produces purely organic olive oils (some flavoured with orange, lemon and other fruits) as well as olive-oil products. You…

4. Banana Beach

1.95 MILES

Long, narrow Banana is a busy package-tour beach and is awash with crowds, water sports and parasols.

5. Church of St Dionysios

6.89 MILES

Devoted to Zakynthos' patron saint, the Church of St Dionysios (1948; rebuilt following the 1953 earthquake) stands at the southern end of the waterfront,…

6. Byzantine Museum

7.31 MILES

This magnificent museum of ecclesiastical art is housed in a beautifully restored building on the central waterfront plaza. Almost everything here was…

7. Museum of Solomos


To give it its full name, the Museum of Solomos and Eminent Zakynthian People houses not only the archives of island-born poet Dionysios Solomos (1798…

8. Kastro

7.69 MILES

A ruined Venetian fortress sits atop the wooded slope that looms over the town centre. Reached by a steep but enjoyable 15-minute hike or a circuitous 2…