Night-life: Fishing boats moored in the harbour, while people eat out along the waterfront - Rethymno, Rethymno Province, Crete

Venetian Harbour


Rethymno’s compact historic harbour is chock-a-block with tourist-geared fish tavernas and cafes. For a more atmospheric perspective, walk along the harbour walls, past the fishing boats to the prominent lighthouse, built in the 19th century by the Egyptians.

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Nearby Rethymno attractions

1. Loggia

0.04 MILES

This nicely restored 16th-century landmark originally served as a meeting house for Venetian nobility to discuss politics and money, and morphed into a…

2. Lighthouse

0.08 MILES

Punctuating the old pier in the Venetian Harbour, the 9m-high lighthouse was built in the 1830s, when Egypt ruled Crete. (Britain forced Egypt to give…

3. Rimondi Fountain

0.09 MILES

Another vestige of Venetian rule is this small fountain where water spouts from three lions’ heads into three basins flanked by Corinthian columns. Above…

4. Museum of Contemporary Art

0.12 MILES

The cornerstone of the permanent collection of this well-curated modern-art museum, founded in 1992, is the oils, drawings and watercolours of local lad…

5. Neratzes Mosque

0.13 MILES

This triple-domed mosque began life as an Augustinian church and was converted by the Turks in 1657, although the recently restored minaret wasn't added…

6. Archaeological Museum of Rethymno

0.17 MILES

Set inside the atmospheric Venetian-built Church of St Francis, this well-curated museum features a stunning collection of well-preserved relics unearthed…

7. Historical & Folk Art Museum

0.17 MILES

In a lovely 17th-century Venetian mansion, the five-room permanent exhibit here documents traditional rural life on Crete with displays of clothing,…

8. Porta Guora

0.24 MILES

At the southern edge of the old quarter, this arched stone gate is the only remnant of the Venetian city wall. It was built in the late 16th century and…