Moni Preveli

Rethymno Province

Monks Quarters at Moni Preveli - Rethymino Provence, Crete

Historic Moni Preveli cuts an imposing silhouette high above the Libyan Sea. Like most Cretan monasteries, it was a centre of resistance during the Turkish occupation and also played a key role in WWII, hiding trapped Allied soldiers from the Nazis until they could escape to Egypt by submarine. A small museum features exquisite icons, richly embroidered vestments and two silver candelabra presented by grateful soldiers after the war.

On the road to the monastery, a memorial showing a gun-toting abbot and an Allied British soldier also commemorates the site's wartime role, as does a fountain on the right as you enter the monastery complex.

Also at the monastery is an animal enclosure featuring kri-kri (Cretan goats), deer, emus and peacocks.