Rethymno Province

Separated by a headland, Triopetra is divided into two beaches: ‘Big Triopetra’ and ‘Little Triopetra’. The former is the main attraction and features a long wild beach with brownish sand that's good for swimming – when it's not windy. Little Triopetra is more low-key, though submerged sand shelves mean it's not ideal for swimming.

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1. Agios Pavlos

1.42 MILES

Agios Pavlos' main beach comprises a brown arc of sand that's topped by steep dunes, and a rocky bluff that resembles a recumbent dragon. When the sun's…

2. Preveli Beach

4.79 MILES

Also known as Palm Beach, dazzling Preveli is one of Crete’s most celebrated strands. At the mouth of the Kourtaliotiko Gorge, where the river…

3. Moni Preveli

4.99 MILES

Historic Moni Preveli cuts an imposing silhouette high above the Libyan Sea. Like most Cretan monasteries, it was a centre of resistance during the…

4. Venetian Fountain

6.92 MILES

The main local attraction is this restored fountain that spurts water from 19 stone lion heads into a long trough. Fill up your own bottle with some of…

5. Folk Museum of Spili

6.98 MILES

Up a footpath at the northern end of town, this place is a treasure trove of local vintage artefacts. The giant loom or the coffee-bean roaster might…

6. Monastery

7.07 MILES

Spili is a bishop’s see (seat of a bishop), based at the massive modern monastery on the main road at the western end of town. You’re free to walk around…

7. Maravel Garden

7.13 MILES

On the western outskirts of town are these botanical gardens filled with an aromatic variety of plant species from Crete and across the globe. You're free…

8. Icarus & Daedalus Statues

8.15 MILES

Agia Gallini has its place in the annals of Greek mythology as the site where Icarus and Daedalus are believed to have taken their ill-fated flight from…