Colours of Parga Harbour

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If there is a picture-perfect beach town in northern Greece, Parga is it: an amphitheatre of a village, dominated by a Venetian castle, opening onto a clear turquoise bay pierced with islets. It's small and gets crowded in summer, but it's an undeniable beauty. If you stay overnight, it makes a base for swimming at beaches just north and south, as well as boat excursions to the Ionian Islands. After the sun sets, a slew of seafront tavernas and bars (blessedly untroubled by cars) give Parga plenty of fizz. For day trips, many visitors head to equally scenic beaches nearby, or south to the dramatic archaeological site known as the Nekromanteion of Acheron, as well as trips on the river of the same name. The season is May to September, but some tourist businesses open as early as March.


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