Paradise Beach


Despite the fact that it's one long 12km stretch of golden sand, Paradise Beach, the pearl of the island's beaches, is broken down into a number of smaller beaches, albeit by names only. They're backed by cliffs and greenery with little development and have stunning clear water. The further west, the busier it gets. For a more nature-based experience with fewer resources, Magic Beach is your best bet. Exotic Beach is for those who want to bare all.

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Nearby Kos attractions

1. Kohilari Beach

1.84 MILES

This beach is for those who want a nature-based experience on a remote strip and small dunes behind. It is also for people who don't mind wind. This is…

2. Mastihari Beach

8.63 MILES

Fully serviced by the operators who rent out sunbed, brollies, wi-fi and more, the lovely sandy strip of Mastihari is great for families. It does get…

3. St Valsamidis

12.66 MILES

This unorthodox collection is the life's work of a local Kalymnian man, Stavros Valsamidis, who for 48 years undertook private dives, and amassed items…

4. Church Museum

12.77 MILES

Despite its name, this small museum, just up from the seafront below the monastery, is exclusively ecclesiastic. Besides its icons, vestments, votive…

5. Archaeological Museum

12.77 MILES

This showpiece modern museum, on Mandraki’s main pedestrian street, displays a fascinating collection of Hellenistic and Roman pottery and sculpture, as…

6. Moni Panagias Spilianis

12.78 MILES

This hillside medieval monastery, overlooking the sea below the castle, can be reached via a short staircase. Visitors can only access a small anteroom.

7. Paleokastro

12.99 MILES

Best reached by a lovely 20-minute hike through the fields, along a trail that starts southwest of the monastery, this astonishing Mycenaean-era acropolis…

8. Ancient City Wall

12.99 MILES

Dating from the 4th century BC, the ancient walls above Nisyros, accessed from the path behind the monastery and medieval castle, are one of the Aegean's…