Agios Markos Basilica


Located opposite Morosini Fountain and dedicated to St Mark, the patron saint of Venice, Agios Markos Basilica was built at the beginning of Venetian rule in 1239. Today it houses the changing exhibitions of the Municipal Art Gallery.

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1. Municipal Art Gallery

The three-aisled 13th-century Agios Markos Basilica was reconstructed many times and turned into a mosque by the Turks. Today it's an exhibit space…

2. Morosini Fountain

0.02 MILES

Four water-spouting lions make up this charming fountain, the town's most beloved Venetian vestige. Built in 1628 by Francesco Morosini, it once supplied…

3. Venetian Loggia

0.05 MILES

The attractively reconstructed 17th-century loggia by Francesco Morosini was the Venetian version of a gentlemen’s club, where the male aristocracy…

4. Church of Agios Titos

0.08 MILES

This majestic church dominates the eponymous, palm-studded square. It had Byzantine origins in AD 961, was converted to a Catholic church by the Venetians…

5. Museum of Christian Art

0.16 MILES

Housed in a 13th-century monastery that was later a mosque, this tiny but fascinating museum features well-displayed historic religious artworks from…

6. Agios Minas Cathedral

0.19 MILES

One of Greece’s largest cathedrals, with space for 8000 worshippers, Agios Minas was constructed (with interruptions) between 1862 and 1895 and dedicated…

7. Turkish Sebil

0.19 MILES

Iraklio's only remaining Turkish-era pump house once supplied drinking water to the local population.

8. Bembo Fountain

0.19 MILES

Iraklio's first fountain was cobbled together in the 1550s from antique materials, including Venetian coats of arms and a statue of a Roman official found…