Mosque & Turkish Fountain


Dominating a triangular plaza at the northern edge of the old quarter, this yellow-sandstone mosque was built by the Turks in the late 19th century and still sports a finely wrought minaret. Together with the octagonal domed Ottoman fountain down in the square, it's a tangible reminder of the Turkish era.

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1. Old Quarter

0.08 MILES

Inland from the fortress is the labyrinthine old quarter, where you'll see a Turkish fountain, the restored mosque with its minaret, Napoleon's house and…

2. Napoleon’s House


This is where Napoleon Bonaparte is said to have stayed incognito with a local family when his ship anchored in Crete for one night in 1798 en route to…

4. Agios Georgios

0.17 MILES

Built in 1856 atop a much older church possibly dating to the Venetian era, this handsome house of worship is dedicated to St George, the patron saint of…

5. Kales Fortress

0.17 MILES

Overlooking the fishing harbour, the crenellated Venetian fort dates from the 17th century but was built atop an older defensive structure reputedly built…

6. Ierapetra Town Hall

0.25 MILES

Ierapetra's pretty town hall is in the city centre next to a small park and near the ferries to Chrissi Island.

7. Koutsounari Beach

5.17 MILES

The village of Koutsounari, some 7km east of Ierapetra, boasts one of the longest beaches in Crete (4.5km). It's great for sunbathing in relative solitude…

8. Gournia


The Late Minoan settlement of Gournia lies 19km southeast of Agios Nikolaos. Comprising a small palace and residential areas, it was built between 1600…