Agios Nikolaos

Lasithi’s capital, Agios Nikolaos has an enviable location on hilly terrain overlooking the sensuously curving Bay of Mirabello. There’s a strong local character to Agios Nikolaos that imbues it with charismatic, low-key flair. A narrow channel separates the small harbour from the circular Voulismeni Lake, whose shore is lined with cafes and restaurants.

In the daytime the city beaches, while not particularly large or pretty, lend themselves to a few hours of relaxing and taking a dip in the sea. There's also some decent shopping in the pedestrianised lane above the lake.

Agios Nikolaos truly comes into its own at night, when a lively ambience descends on the lake, harbour and beaches and lounge-bars fill with stylish young Greeks and holidaymakers from the nearby resorts.

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