Must-see attractions in Agios Nikolaos

  • Abduction of Europa Statue

    Agios Nikolaos

    The myth of the Phoenician princess Europa being abducted by Zeus in the guise of a bull finds expression in a monumental statue at the end of a ho-hum…

  • Minotaur Mural

    Agios Nikolaos

    Walking along the waterfront on Akti Koundourou, keep an eye out for a superb perspective mural depicting the Minotaur on a zigzagging staircase (next to…

  • Folk Museum

    Agios Nikolaos

    This modest museum near the lake houses a well-curated collection of traditional handicrafts (especially textiles, costumes and embroidery), alongside…

  • Agia Triada Church

    Agios Nikolaos

    Right in the town centre, Agios Nikolaos' main church is a three-aisled Byzantine construction dedicated to the Holy Trinity. The mosaic above the main…

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