Parnassos National Park

National Park in Delphi & Sterea Ellada

Established in 1938, Parnassos National Park, to the north of Delphi and Arahova, has three peaks over 2300m: Parnassos (2457m), the highest; Tsarkos (2416m); and Gerondovrachos (2396m). Kouvelos (1882m) is a popular rock-climbing face. Mt Parnassos is part of the elaborate E4 European long-distance path (orivatiko monopati) from Gibraltar to Cyprus organised by the European Ramblers Association; see for details.

The slopes of Parnassos support Kefallonian fir, spruce and juniper, interspersed with yellow-flowered shrubs, plum trees and the rare purple-flowered Daphne jasminea.

The Parnassos Ski Centre, 24km from Arahova, handles ski and snowboard operations on Kelaria (1950m; 13 lifts). For accommodation, it’s best to stay in Arahova. Adjacent to Kelaria are the steeper slopes of Fterolakkas (six lifts), popular with extreme skiers. For more information, see and

There is no public transport between Arahova and the ski centre. A taxi from Delphi or Arahova costs around €45.