Nelson’s Anchorage


At the southwestern end of town, Nelson's Anchorage pinpoints the site where Nelson's body was brought ashore from the HMS Victory after the Battle of Trafalgar – preserved in a rum barrel, so legend says. A 100-tonne, British-made Victorian supergun commemorates the spot.

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1. St Michael’s Cave

0.55 MILES

About 25 minutes' walk south down St Michael's Rd from the top cable-car station (or up from the Apes' Den), this natural grotto is crammed with…

2. Upper Rock Nature Reserve

0.56 MILES

The Rock is one of the most dramatic landforms in southern Europe. Most of its upper sections fall within the Upper Rock Nature Reserve. Tickets include…

3. Windsor Suspension Bridge

0.62 MILES

The spine-tingling, 71m-long Windsor Suspension Bridge spans a 50m-tall gorge within the Upper Rock Nature Reserve.

4. O’Hara’s Battery

0.66 MILES

About a 1km (15-minute) walk south down St Michael’s Rd from the top cable-car station, O’Hara’s Rd leads up to the left to O’Hara’s Battery, an…

5. Alameda Botanic Gardens

0.67 MILES

Take a break from Gibraltar’s manic traffic amid these lush gardens of bougainvillea, drago trees and more, scene of Molly Bloom’s famous sexual exploits…

6. Skywalk

0.75 MILES

This glass-floor top-of-the-rock Skywalk sits within the Upper Rock Nature Reserve.

7. Gorham's Cave Complex

0.75 MILES

Inscribed on Unesco's World Heritage list in 2016, these four archaeologically rich cliffside caves on Gibraltar's southeastern coast were inhabited by…

8. Apes' Den

0.76 MILES

The Rock's most famous inhabitants are its 160 tailless Barbary macaques. Many hang around the Apes' Den near the middle cable-car station, as well as at…