Moorish Castle


On Willis’ Rd, the way down to town from the northern end of the Rock, you’ll find the remains of Gibraltar's Moorish fortress, rebuilt in 1333 after being won back from the Spanish.

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1. WWII Tunnels

0.06 MILES

The tunnels where the Allied invasion of North Africa was planned can be visited on 40-minute tours with advance booking only; they aren't included in…

2. Military Heritage Centre

0.13 MILES

A 1.5km (30-minute) walk north (downhill) from the top cable-car station is the 1732 Princess Caroline’s Battery, housing the Military Heritage Centre.

3. Great Siege Tunnels

0.29 MILES

Accessed at the northern end of the Rock, the Great Siege Tunnels were gun emplacements hewn by hand by the British during the 1779–83 siege. They…

4. Cathedral of St Mary the Crowned

0.36 MILES

With its origins in the 15th century, on the site of an earlier mosque, Gibraltar's Roman Catholic cathedral lies behind a dusty-pink facade. The tile…

5. Gibraltar Museum

0.41 MILES

Gibraltar's swashbuckling history unfolds in this fine museum, which comprises a labyrinth of rooms and exhibits ranging from prehistoric and Phoenician…

6. Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

0.46 MILES

Completed in the 1830s, with neo-Islamic touches including striped horseshoe arches inside and out, this cathedral was originally used as a hospital to…

7. Trafalgar Cemetery

0.65 MILES

Gibraltar’s cemetery gives a poignant history lesson, with its graves of British sailors who perished in the town after the 1805 Battle of Trafalgar, and…

8. Apes' Den

0.74 MILES

The Rock's most famous inhabitants are its 160 tailless Barbary macaques. Many hang around the Apes' Den near the middle cable-car station, as well as at…