The Studio


Ghanaian photographer Francis Kokoroko and his friends regularly host cultural events and art talks at this tiny, unbranded studio on the top floor of the Forico Mall in Osu. A young, stylish and interested crowd shows up when documentaries or discussions are hosted about such things as the rise of Hip Life music or how Ghanaian film posters developed their very own style.

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Nearby Accra attractions

1. ANO Centre for Cultural Research

0.78 MILES

This arts institution, which takes its name from the word 'grandmother' in Akan, was founded by Ghanaian art historian, writer and filmmaker Nana…

2. Osu Castle

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Built by the Danes around 1659 and originally called Christiansborg Castle, Osu Castle was the seat of government until 2013, when the president and his…

3. Independence Arch

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This imposing arch adjacent to Independence Sq is crowned by a large black star, Ghana's national symbol. Note: taking photos is forbidden.

4. Independence Square

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Independence Sq, also known as Black Star Sq, is a vast, empty expanse of concrete overlooked by spectator stands of Stalinesque grace. The square is…

5. Flagstaff House

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6. British Council

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Organises cultural events and lectures. Also has an air-con library with English newspapers and magazines.

7. National Museum


Set in pleasant grounds, the national museum features excellent displays on various aspects of Ghanaian culture and history. The displays on local crafts,…

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This tranquil park is full of bronze statues, fountains and wandering peacocks, with the mausoleum of Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana's first leader, at its heart…