Regensburg & the Danube

This intimate museum is one of Germany's most important repositories of Roman treasure. Displays include imposing armour and masks for both soldiers and horses, probably plundered from a Roman store.

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1. Karmelitenkirche

0.07 MILES

Straubing's Karmelitenkirche is a baroque church belonging to the Carmelite Convent, located next door.

2. Ursulinenkirche

0.13 MILES

The interior of the Ursulinenkirche was designed by the Asam brothers in their final collaboration. Its ceiling fresco depicts the martyrdom of St Ursula…

3. St Jakobskirche

0.13 MILES

St Jakobskirche is a late-Gothic hall church with original stained-glass windows, but also a recipient of a baroque makeover, courtesy of the frantically…

4. Herzogsschloss

0.14 MILES

The former ducal residence Herzogsschloss is an austere 14th-century building which houses the town's tax office.

5. Walhalla

18.78 MILES

Modelled on the Parthenon in Athens, the Walhalla is a breathtaking Ludwig I monument dedicated to the giants of Germanic thought and deed. Marble steps…

6. Historisches Museum

23.27 MILES

A medieval monastery provides a suitably atmospheric backdrop for the city's history museum. The collections plot the region's story from cave dweller to…

7. Alte Kapelle

23.37 MILES

South of the Dom, the humble exterior of the graceful Alte Kapelle belies the stunning interior with its rich rococo decorations. The core of the church,…

8. Roman Wall

23.45 MILES

The most tangible reminder of the ancient rectangular Castra Regina (Regen Fortress), where the name ‘Regensburg’ comes from, is the remaining Roman wall,…