Museum Starnberger See


You may have to duck your head when touring this 400-year-old farmhouse that offers a glimpse of life on the lake as it once was. It also boasts a precious Ignaz Günther sculpture in the little chapel. The modern extension showcases a fancy royal barge and a section on its construction.

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1. Votivkapelle


This small, neo-Romanesque chapel was built near the point where King Ludwig II mysteriously drowned in 1886. The actual spot where his body was found is…

2. Kaiserin Elisabeth Museum

2.77 MILES

This small exhibit in the grand surroundings of the former royal waiting rooms of the historic Bahnhof Possenhofen, now the S-Bahn station, focuses on…

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4. Buchheim Museum

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5. Bavaria Filmstadt

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Some 6km south of the city centre, Tierpark Hellabrunn has 5000 furry, feathered and finned friends that rarely fail to enthral the little ones. The zoo…