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You could tick off the area’s highlights on a long daytrip from Dresden, but to truly experience the magic of Saxon Switzerland, stay overnight and enjoy a couple of good walks. In addition to hiking, this is one of Germany's premier rock-climbing destinations, offering over 15,000 routes. Cyclists can follow the lovely Elberadweg.

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Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland National Park from Prague

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productPass By: New Town, Prague, BohemiaOur Tour Guide will pick you up at your stay in the Prague city center.Stop At: Bohemian Switzerland National Park, BohemiaThe Bohemian Switzerland National Park is one of the the most fascinating pieces of nature in the Czech Republic. Famous for it's rock formations, deep canyons and scenic viewpoints it offers a green alternative to crowded Prague city. Hike up to the famous Pravcicka Gate to enjoy views from the largest natural sandstone arch in the whole Europe. Then capture these jaw-dropping views on your camera ! ( Choose a proper Tour Option).The second most popular highlight is a boat ride in the Gorges of Kamenice river. Enjoy 20 minutes sail among sandstone pillars surrounded by the most pristine nature. Hike & experience the First Zone, the most protected area of the National Park. ( Choose a proper Tour Option).Duration: 3 hoursStop At: Pravcicka brana, Hrensko, Usti nad Labem Region, BohemiaThe Pravcicka Brana is most famous site in the whole national park Bohemian Switzerland and you can choose to visit it by selecting one of the corresponding tour itinerary options.Duration: 1 hourStop At: Czech - Saxon Switzerland, Hrensko, Usti nad Labem Region, BohemiaA tasty á la carte lunch in a local restaurant "U Forta" is something different than an ordinary "tour lunch" as you know it. Located in the heart of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park this is your unique chance to lunch like a Czech in a top quality countryside restaurant.You can have ANYTHING from the menu (one main course and one drink). Great vegetarian and vegan options are included. The restaurant is an excellent foodie choice and many travelers rate it better than Prague restaurants. Local draft beer Cvikov is very popular and refreshing too !Duration: 1 hour 30 minutesStop At: Bastei, Lohmen, SaxonyThe Bastei Bridge is the most famous site in Saxon Switzerland, German part of the national park and you can choose to visit it by selecting one of the corresponding tour itinerary options.Duration: 1 hourStop At: Saxon Switzerland National Park, SaxonyThe Bastei Bridge and Neurathen keep ruins are the biggest and most spectacular highlights on the German side of the National Park Saxon Switzerland. Mesmerizing views to the Elbe canyon, the deepest sandstone canyon in the whole Europe, are waiting for you. Walk over the Bastei bridge high above the river and enjoy German nature at it's best ! (Choose it as your Tour Option).Duration: 2 hoursPass By: Elbe Sandstone Mountains, Bad Schandau, SaxonyThe whole tour takes place in area famous for countless sandstone towers, gorges and canyons - unique for the whole Europe.

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Dresden to Saxon Switzerland Park: 12-Hour Group Tour, Lunch

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productPass By: Old Market Square (Altmarkt), Dresden, SaxonyThe tour begins by picking you up at your Dresden hotel, Airbnb or elsewhere in Dresden. Our comfortable vehicle will then transport you to the German part of the National Park. The snacks and beverages along the way in combination with an informative description of the passing landmarks will make the journey over in no time. Stop At: Bastei, Lohmen, SaxonyOur first destination is the magnificent Bastei Bridge (Saxon Switzerland, Germany). The breathtaking view of the Elbe River Canyon, high above which the Bridge perches, will be engrained into your memory forever. Watching the sunrise above the unique sandstone pinnacles is a priceless experience.Duration: 1 hourStop At: Neurathen Castle, Bastei, SaxonyThe easy scenic walk across the Bastei Bridge is finished by an excursion of the medieval castle ruins of Felsenburg Neurathen (13th cen.), located at the other end of the Bastei Bridge. Duration: 1 hourStop At: Pravcicka brana, Hrensko, Usti nad Labem Region, BohemiaThe following jurney takes us over the border to the Bohemian (Czech) part of the National Park. The 2km hike navigates us to the Pravcicka Gate. Approaching it from below, you will see the majesty with which it stands at the top of the surrounding landscape. It is the symbol of the Bohemian Swizerland National Park and you will know why, once you see it. Duration: 3 hoursStop At: MeznáWithin seeing distance from the Pravcicka Gate is our traditional Czech restaurant. A rich 'a la carte' lunch will be an appreciated reward. Both traditional Czech and international dishes are served (vegetarian options available).Duration: 1 hourStop At: Kamenice GorgeOur final trip begins at the restaurant's doorstep. A descending hike unravels the beauty of the Kamenice River Gorge. Its moderate rainforest climate is very refreshing. The river along which you stroll is wild at first, but as you approach the boat cruise section, it calms down completely. The mystical dinghy boat cruise is the last element of this impression-rich day tour.The tour will end by dropping you off in Dresden at your accommodation or elsewhere in the city.Duration: 2 hours

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Saxon & Bohemian Switzerland photography trip

Our professional photography tutor will pick you up at your hotel in Prague around 2 - 4 PM depending on the year season. Then, he will drive you on the car or minivan, depending on the group size, straight to the Saxon & Bohemian Switzerland National Park. Groups are small, up to 7 persons. Be ready to enter an ancient mountain realm, carved by cliffs, deep canyons and wild gorges, with volcanic hills and soaring sandstone rock formations standing on silent patrol above the forested landscape of the Saxon & Bohemian Switzerland. This is where you will get a taste of pristine scenery orchestrated by huge slabs of stone piled upon each other - a true sea of rocks whose visually compelling landscape found its way to the works of many romantic painters. Just to give you an idea of some of the locations, the trip could contain depending mostly on the weather conditions: • Carolafelsen — Romantic cliff viewpoint in Saxon Switzerland, from which we will be shooting high above the Kirnitzsch valley surrounded by rocks and woods with the majestic Schrammsteine and Lilienstein in the background. • Křížový vrch — Standing in the middle of Bohemian Switzerland, this treeless hill is an open invitation to a beautiful 360° view of the whole surroundings. • Schrammsteine — Towering high above the Elbe River in Saxon Switzerland, this majestically jagged rock formation provides what are probably the most stunning views in the Saxon Switzerland. • Zirkelstein — A small table mountain in Saxon Switzerland offering a dramatic view of the Kamenice River valley, the cliffs of Saxon and Bohemian Switzerland, with Lusatian Mountains silently patrolling the landscape’s background. • Gorges of River Kamenice — This field trip will be about taking pictures of the River Kamenice, whose waters run deep below the sandstone cliffs of Bohemian Switzerland. • Vilemínina stěna — Offering picturesque vistas of the village of Jetřichovice and the landmark of Růžovský vrch (Rosy hill) in the background, this formation is an each way bet. • Bastei — Towering 194 metres above the Elbe River, the jagged rock formation of Bastei is one of the most prominent lookout points of Saxon Switzerland treating viewers to an incredibly sweeping view of its surroundings. We will be shooting mostly during sunset, and in case of overcast sky and/or rain there is always the possibility of taking our gear down to the gorges in pursuit of various creeks and rivers. Or if we strike it lucky with the slowly crawling high fog (low clouds), we will also be shooting the hillsides of Lusatian Mountains covered with lush green beech forests. When the sunset session is over, the photography tutor will drive you back to your hotel in Prague.

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