Lake Constance

The all-white Mehlsack (flour sack) is a tower marking the Altstadt’s southern edge. A steep staircase leads up to the Veitsburg, a quaint baroque castle that now harbours a restaurant of the same name, with outlooks over Ravensburg’s mosaic of red-tiled roofs.

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1. Museum Humpis-Quartier

0.08 MILES

Seven exceptional late-medieval houses set around a glass-covered courtyard shelter a permanent collection focusing on Ravensburg’s past as a trade centre…

2. Liebfrauenkirche

0.25 MILES

Rising high above Marienplatz, the weighty, late-Gothic Liebfrauenkirche conceals some fine examples of 15th-century stained glass and a gilt altar.

3. Marienplatz


The heart of the Altstadt is the elongated, pedestrianised Marienplatz, framed by sturdy towers such as the round Grüner Turm, with its lustrous tiled…

4. Blaserturm

0.35 MILES

The 51m-high Blaserturm is a part of Ravensburg's original fortifications and has superb views over the Altstadt from up top.

5. Zeppelin Museum

10.82 MILES

Friedrichshafen will forever be associated with the Zeppelin, the cigar-shaped craft that made its inaugural flight in 1900. The Zeppelin Museum traces…

6. Zeppelin Museum

10.82 MILES

Near the eastern end of Friedrichshafen’s lake-front promenade is the Zeppelin Museum, housed in the Bauhaus-style former Hafenbahnhof (harbour station),…

7. Stadtgarten

10.99 MILES

A promenade runs through the sculpture-dotted, lakefront Stadtgarten park along Uferstrasse, a great spot for a picnic or stroll. Pedal and electric boats…

8. Schlosskirche

11.38 MILES

The western end of Friedrichshafen’s promenade is anchored by the twin-onion-towered baroque Schlosskirche. It’s the only accessible part of the Schloss…