Zeppelin Monument


The Zeppelin Monument shows airship inventor Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin in an Icarus-like pose. He was born in 1838 on the Insel islet.

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Nearby Konstanz attractions

1. Konzilgebäude

0.03 MILES

Look out for the white, dormered Konzilgebäude, built in 1388, which served as a granary and warehouse before Pope Martin V was elected here in 1417…

2. Stadtgarten


With its landscaped flower beds, plane trees and children’s playground, the Stadtgarten is a fine place to kick back and enjoy dreamy views out over Lake…

3. Imperia

0.11 MILES

At the end of the pier, giving ferry passengers a come-hither look from her rotating pedestal, stands Imperia. Peter Lenk’s 9m-high sculpture of a buxom…

5. Rosgartenmuseum


The one-time butchers’ guildhall now harbours the Rosgartenmuseum, spotlighting regional art and history, with an emphasis on medieval panel painting and…

6. Münster

0.22 MILES

Crowned by a filigreed spire and looking proudly back on 1000 years of history, the sandstone Münster was the church of the Diocese of Konstanz until 1821…

7. Rathaus

0.24 MILES

Slightly south of the Münster, the flamboyantly frescoed Renaissance Rathaus occupies the former linen weavers’ guildhall. Behind it you’ll find a…

8. Römersiedlung

0.24 MILES

The glass pyramid in front of the Münster shelters the Römersiedlung, the 3rd-century-AD remains of the Roman fort Constantia that gave the city its name…