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East Frisian Islands

Lined up in an archipelago off the northern coast of Lower Saxony like diamonds in a tiara, the seven East Frisian Islands, with their long sandy beaches, open spaces and sea air, are both a nature-lovers’ paradise and a perfect retreat for those escaping the stresses of the world.

Trying to remember the islands' sequence, Germans – with a wink of the eye – recite the following mnemonic device: ‘Welcher Seemann liegt bei Nanni im Bett?’ (which translates rather saucily as ‘Which seaman is lying in bed with Nanni?’). The islands are (from east to west): Wangerooge, Spiekeroog, Langeoog, Baltrum, Norderney, Juist and Borkum.

Like their North Frisian cousins Sylt, Amrum and Föhr, the East Frisian Islands are part of the Wattenmeer (Wadden Sea) National Park. Along with coastal areas of the Netherlands, Germany’s Wadden Sea is a Unesco World Heritage Site.

The main tourist season here runs from mid-May to September.