Adjoining the Rathaus, the 1659-built Grafeneckart houses a scale model of the WWII bombing. It starkly depicts the extent of the damage to the city following the night of 16 March 1945, when 1000 tons of explosives were dropped on the city and 5000 citizens lost their lives in just 20 minutes. Viewing it and reading the potted history of events before you climb up to the fortress overlooking the city gives you an appreciation of Würzburg’s astonishing recovery.

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1. Neumünster

0.13 MILES

In the Altstadt, this satisfyingly symmetrical church stands on the site where three ill-fated Irish missionaries who tried to convert Duke Gosbert to…

2. Museum am Dom

0.13 MILES

Housed in a beautiful building by the cathedral, this worthwhile museum displays collections of modern art on Christian themes. Works of international…

3. Dom St Kilian

0.14 MILES

Würzburg's highly unusual cathedral has a Romanesque core that has been altered many times over the centuries. The elaborate stucco work of the chancel…

4. Festung Marienberg


Enjoy panoramic city and vineyard views from this hulking fortress whose construction was initiated around 1200 by the local prince-bishops who governed…

5. Würzburg Residenz

0.48 MILES

The vast Unesco-listed Residenz, built by 18th-century architect Balthasar Neumann as the home of the local prince-bishops, is one of Germany’s most…

6. Röntgen Gedächtnisstätte


Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen discovered X-rays in 1895 and was the winner of the very first Nobel Prize in 1901. His preserved laboratory forms the heart of…

7. Museum im Kulturspeicher

0.59 MILES

In a born-again historic granary right on the Main River, you'll find this absorbing art museum with choice artworks from the 19th to the 21st centuries…

8. Tauberfränkisches Landschaftsmuseum

16.87 MILES

Follow the remains of the medieval town walls to the Kurmainzisches Schloss, which now houses the Tauberfränkisches Landschaftsmuseum, where you can learn…