Rike Park


This green expanse along the eastern riverbank, with its winding paths, pools and fountains, is joined to the west side of the Mtkvari by the Bridge of Peace.The two large metallic tubes at the park's north end are a concert hall and exhibition centre, an uncompleted project designed by Italy's Massimiliano Fuksas now literally gathering dust.

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1. Bridge of Peace

0.07 MILES

The Bridge of Peace, a rather incongruously modern glass-and-steel footbridge over the Mtkvari with a totally unnecessary roof, was designed by Italian…

2. Concert Hall & Exhibition Centre

0.08 MILES

The two large tubular metallic structures at the north end of Rike Park were commissioned from Italian architect Massimiliano Fuksas during the…

3. Cable Car

0.16 MILES

Tbilisi's most exhilarating ride is its massively popular cable car, which swings from the south end of Rike Park high over the Mtkvari River and the Old…

5. Sioni Cathedral

0.17 MILES

Sioni was originally built in the 6th and 7th centuries, but has been destroyed and rebuilt many times, and what you see today is mainly 13th century. It…

6. Presidential Palace

0.18 MILES

Georgia’s presidential palace, which is not open to visitors, was a Saakashvili-era prestige project that opened in 2009. Its ultraclassical portico is…

7. Tbilisi History Museum

0.19 MILES

The eclectic exhibits here, housed in an old caravanserai, range from models and photos to high-society and folk costumes from the 19th century, and…

8. Anchiskhati Basilica

0.22 MILES

Tbilisi’s oldest surviving church is perhaps its loveliest. Built by King Gorgasali’s son Dachi in the 6th century, it's a three-nave basilica whose…