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Sighnaghi was originally developed in the 18th century by King Erekle II, partly as a refuge for the area’s populace against Lezgin and Persian attacks.

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$94.72 Day Trips & Excursions

Organic Wine Private Tour to Wine Region Kakheti with Lunch

In the morning   after a complimentary greeting     and pick up from our guide  at  9:30 guests will be driven towards  Kakheti region. In an hour we will reach the very first stop :  Georgian home bread bakery, where we will taste freshly baked Georgian bread called  "Shoti" and different varieties of cheese. Afterwards we will drive 20 minutes more to reach first  Organic winery called Vellino.  A young and superbly successful wine maker Beqa Jimsheladze  will lead us into his lovely wine cellar. The next Organic winery  we are visiting is called  " Okro wines"  and is located in the city of love, called  "Sighnaghi". The city is also knows with its defensive town wall all around it and is worth it to see. This winery offers us a stunning view Over  Alazany valley with a background of Greater  Caucasus Mountain Range  and the most important :  sky high quality Organic wine. The owner called Jenny will lead us into her  usual  Paradise.  By the time we are finished enjoying the best  Okro wines,  we head towards  Mosmieri ( in Georgian language  Mosmieri means wine addicted man)  winery for lunch. Georgia is well knows with its delicious food and especially People from  Kakheti love to impress visitors with their local food.  Mosmieri winery is situated at  the famous  Alazany valley. The beautiful  wine  restaurant with a lovely view will  warm up  our minds to get set for marvelous  BBQ lunch.  ( Please note : Mosmieri Winery  DO NOT PROVIDE Organic wine, but the extremely high quality  Georgian and  European styled wines! a place for a comparison)    At the end of the day as we feel satisfied with gorgeous food, Stunning landscapes and world's best Organic wines we head towards  TbilisiHAVE FUN  AND DONATE!   5% Of Earning on each tour is transferred  to the cat's shelter! We are pleased by having chance to support Homeless cat's in Georgia 

$95 Day Trips & Excursions

Full Day Tour in Sighnaghi Bodbe Tsinandali from Tbilisi

We will start full day tour in Kakheti region in the morning at 10:00am by picking you up centrally located Tbilisi hotels or accommodation. During this tour you can visit 3 different cities of kakheti region: Sighnaghi, Bodbe and Tsinandali. Travel duration is 1.5 hours (one way).In Sighnaghi (city of love) you can explore very beautiful renovated town, with its cultural and historical traditions. You can visit national Museum of Georgia; Painter - Niko Firosmani Museum. In Bodbe you can visit Bodbe monastery. Bodbe Monastery is a Georgian Orthodox monastic complex and the seat of the Bishops of Bodbe located 2 km from the town of Sighnaghi, Kakheti, Georgia. Originally built in the 9th century, it has been significantly remodelled, especially in the 17th century. The monastery now functions as a nunnery and is one of the major pilgrimage sites in Georgia, due to its association with St. Nino, the 4th-century female evangelist of Georgians, whose relics are shrined there.Tsinandali Palace - tour in Aleksandre Chavchavadze Museum, Walking in residence's very beautiful Garden. Wine tasting were Georgian wine brand "Tsinandali" are being produced. you can taste the wine Tsinandali at Museum's cellar.Chavchavadze constructed a new Italianate palace and built a decorative garden in 1835. It was the place where Chavchavadze frequently entertained foreign guests with music, wit, and – most especially – the fine vintages made at his estate winery (marani). Familiar with European ways, Chavchavadze built Georgia’s oldest and largest winery where he combined European and centuries-long Georgian winemaking traditions.

$204 Food, Wine & Nightlife

Georgian Wine and Dine Tour with a Visit to a 300 year Old Winery, Wine Tasting from Tbilisi

Fun fact: Georgia has been producing wine for 8,000 years, and boasts more than 500 species of vines. Seriously. So, obviously, you can’t leave Tbilisi without tasting some of that sweet, sweet nectar.  Your wine tour will take you to Eastern Georgia, a region famous for its wine production — and therefore the perfect place to sample some local wines! Your drive will take you through the Gombori Pass, boasting charming, curling hills and beautiful views, then on to visit a farmer who will teach you how qvevri, the clay vessel for fermenting and storing wine under the ground, are made. The qvevri wine-making method is on UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage list, and a distinct part of Georgian culture that can’t be missed.  We’ll then leave the village and head out to explore the Royal Citadel and Church of Archangels in the fairy tale-like Gremi Architectural Complex. Gremi was a Silk Road town and the capital of Kakheti (Eastern Georgia) in the 16th and 17th centuries.  No doubt hungry after exploring, we’ll head to a nearby village for lunch. We’ll be dining at another farmer’s house, where you will see how traditional bread is baked and the famous Georgian mtsvadi is made. This delicious lunch will be accompanied by homemade wine and brandy, and honey will be served as dessert. Be warned, though, that you’ll need to put your public speaking skills on display. Georgians love to make toasts, and we’re going to get acquainted with the Georgian tradition as our toastmaster (Tamada) leads us through the rounds.  After lunch, we’ll visit an old winery where you’ll drink typical Georgian wine straight from the jar (really, the only way to drink, we say!), and learn how Georgian wine-making methods vary from the European techniques.  We’ll finish it all up with a stroll through the romantic fortified town of Sighnaghi. We’ll walk along its beautiful cobbled streets, and take in stunning views of the surrounding Caucasus Mountains before returning to Tbilisi. 

$69 Private & Custom Tours

Tbilisi to David Gareji, Sighnaghi 9-Hour Private Tour, Pickup

The tour includes 4 important cultural monuments of Kakheti region Davit Gareja Monastery complex, village Badiauri, Monastery of Bodbe and city Sighnaghi. Departure from Tbilisi early in the morning, to the direction of Gareja desert (driving distance 100km). Davit-Gareja is rock-hewn Georgian orthodox monastery complex. The complex was established in the 6th century by David, one of the thirteen Assyrian monks, who arrived in the country at the same time and preached the name of Christ. The monasteries are located in a semi-desert and consist of 19 religious buildings. The greatest monastery activitly, but after the invasions f conquerors, the complex was destroyed and robbed. However, Davit-Gareja is one of the stunning historical-cultural monuments in Georgia. Afterwards, drive to Sighnaghi 100 km away from Tbilisi. On the way short stop in village Badiauri. In this village you can see how Georgian bread is baked. From Badiauri continue your way to Bodbe. Visit one of the most famous monastery in the Georgia, Bodbe Monastery, the holy place for Georgian people, because there is buried St. Nino, who brought Christianity in Georgia in the middle of 4th century. According to legend she had healing properties. The church acquired its current shape in the 9th century. At last tourists will have an opportunity to visit Sighnaghi. Founded by the famous King Erekle II in 1772. Buildings in the city built in the style of southern Italian classicism with Georgian elements. Famous for its eponymous castle, this is included in the list of the most famous and largest forts in Georgia. The city is surrounded with high defending wall, 4 km in length. A few years ago, Sighnaghi was restored and constructed. Since then a lot of tourists have visited the city to enjoy the stunning panorama, which opens on Alazani Valley. The town’s architecture is unique with ond and the modern components. Today Sighnaghi has additional status: it is known as a “City of Love”.

$39 Cultural & Theme Tours

Tbilisi to Mtskheta, Bodbe, Sighnaghi

1 Day Tour !TbIlisi-Mtskheta-Bodbe-Sighnaghi- 09:00- Transfer from hotel to the Mtskheta- 09:30- 10:00 Arrival at Mtskhetais the ancient capital of Georgia. The city was founded in the second halfof millennium This place is one of the most visited places in Georgia.Due to its historical significance and several cultural monuments, Mtskheta wasinclude aUNESCO WorldHeritage Site. As the birthplace and one of the most vibrant centers ofChristianity in Georgia, Mtskheta wasdeclared as the "HolyCity" - 10:00 - 11:00 The Svetitskhoveli- is the main cathedral of the whole Georgia. With this cathedral associated manylegends, but they all have common content, that Svetitskhovelibuilt on the site where was buried the shirt of Jesus,which he wore during the crucifixion.The Cathedral got its name - "Svetitskhoveli"from Georgian - "Life-giving pillar".- 11:30 - 12:30 Lunch at the traditional Georgian restaurant "Salobie“(Optional) -Georgian table with the different traditional dishes. Famous Georgian beans,cooked according to Georgian traditions.- 12:30 - 14:30 Transfer to the Monastery of St. Nino at Bodbe.- 14:30 - 15:30 The Monastery of St. Nino at Bodbe wasconstructed in IV century AD, on the tomb of St. Nino who introducedChristianity in Georgia.The Georgian king Demetre I played an important role in decoration of the monastery. Bodbemonastery was renovated many times by the Georgian kings.in the end of 90-ies around the spring ofwater which emerged under the influence of prayers of St. Nino was constructedtub of water for ritual bath and a small church named after her parents – St. Zabulon andSt. Sosana .- 15:45 - 16:45 Arrive to the Sighnaghi (City of love) - Sighnaghi is asmall town in the east of Georgia situated on the mountainside in the historical region of Kakheti. It was founded in the 17th century during the reign of King Heraclius II of Georgia, and as locals say, it is the only city in Georgia that has fully preserved the fortress walls that are crowned with watchtowers, where one can climb to get the magnificent view of the Alazan valley. -16:45 - 18:00 Dinner (Optional) -Visit to the wine cellar of family in Sighnaghi, degustation of kakhetian wineand Chacha,with the Georgian traditional dishes. -18:30 Transfer to Tbilisi-20:30 Return to Tbilisi  Inclusions:- Guide service- transportation service- Entrance feesExclusions:- Lunch at the traditional Georgianrestaurant "Salobie“-Dinner  at Sighnaghi

$795 Multi-day & Extended Tours

8 Days Tour from Tbilisi in Georgia

Sunday: Meeting and transfer to a hotel; Monday: 10:00 - tour starts from Sameba cathedral and Metekhi Church before continuing to the Abanotubani district famous with Sulphur baths. We will take the cable car to visit Narikala Fortress, explore Shardeni Street with its many souvenir and gift shops. Visit Sioni Cathedral and Anchiskhati basilica. Continue to Jvari Church built in the end of VI century. From here the beautiful panorama of Mtskheta, which lies between the peaks and the confluence of two rivers. Drive to Mzkheta and visit Svetitskhoveli Cathedral. Overnight in Tbilisi. Meal: breakfast. Distance: 100 km Tuesday: 09:00 - Driving towards the Caucasus Mountains, stop on the bank of the Zhinvali reservoir and visit Ananuri castle. Continuing upwards to the alpine ski resort at Gudauri, after Cross Pass we arrive in Stephantsminda, here we will enjoy view from Gergeti church. Exotic lunch in a local family. Overnight in Tbilisi. Meal: breakfast, lunch. Distance: 350 kmWednesday: 09:00 - Drive to fortified city of Signagi which is surrounded with a wall with watch towers, visit convent of Bodbe, the territory of the monastery offers spectacular views of the land of the best Georgian wines - Alazani Valley with peaks of the Greater Caucasus towering behind it. Continue to the tunnel winery and taste Kakhetian wines made according local traditions in Kvevri. Visit Gremi fortress and continue to Telavi, visit the old town. Overnight in Kakheti province. Meal: breakfast. Distance: 200 kmThursday: 09:00 - we will start with Telavi food market and continue to Alaverdi Cathedral. Built in the early XI century, it is one of four Great Cathedrals of the country and the highest of the ancient churches of Georgia. Next stop is in the Tsinandali estate - well known for its beauty, wine tasting and continue visiting Ikalto Academy and Shuamta monastery complex; drive to Tbilisi hotel via beautiful Gombori pass.Overnight in Tbilisi. Meal: breakfast. Distance: 200 kmFriday: 09:00 - Check out from Tbilisi hotel and drive to Georgia’s second large city Kutaisi; first we will visit Uplistsikhe cave town and Stalin’s birth place and Museum in Gori. After arrival in Kutaisi visit Bagrati Temple, church complex of Gelati and Motsameta monastery. Overnight in Kutaisi. Meal: breakfast, diner. Distance: 350 km Saturday: 09:00 - Excursion in Kutaisi old Town and depart to Okatse Canyons - natural monument in Village Gordi, which is deep and narrow ravine, in the vicinity of the river Okatse. 2 hour trekking along the canyon through historical forest, where several waterfalls could be found, 780 m length hanging trail with several footsteps finishes with panoramic view. return. Overnight in Tbilisi. Meal: breakfast. Trekking 2 hours. Distance: 350 kmSunday: Transfer to airport.

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