Église & Cloître St-André Le Bas

Lyon & the Rhône Valley

You can't miss this imposing church on the northern fringes of the old town. The back tower is decorated with tiny carved stone faces. In the cloister, which dates from the 12th century, look for the elaborate floral features and biblical scenes that adorn the columns.

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1. Temple d'Auguste et de Livie

0.11 MILES

Best of all the Roman monuments in Vienne is this striking Roman temple right in the heart of the old town. Take a look at the superb Corinthian columns…

2. Musée Gallo-Romain

0.19 MILES

Across the Rhône from Vienne, the Musée Gallo-Romain highlights Vienne's historical importance, displaying several rooms full of dazzling mosaics and…

3. Théâtre Romain

0.28 MILES

This vast, well-preserved Roman amphitheatre was built around AD 40–50 at the base of Mt Pipet, on the eastern fringes of the old town. At that time, it…

4. Belvédère de Pipet

0.35 MILES

For the best views of Vienne and the Rhône Valley, head to this bluff that lords it over the old town and the Roman theatre. It's signposted and is topped…

5. Aquarium du Grand Lyon

14.14 MILES

Just west of the Confluence, Lyon's well-thought-out aquarium is home to some 300 marine species, including more than 5000 fish. Bus 15 links it with…

6. Musée des Confluences

14.48 MILES

This eye-catching building, designed by the Viennese firm Coop Himmelb(l)au, is the crowning glory of Lyon's newest neighbourhood, the Confluence, at…

7. Lyon Confluence

14.88 MILES

Lyon's race toward the future is personified in this reborn industrial district near the southern tip of Presqu'île. Once a landscape of empty warehouses…

8. Musée Lumière

15.05 MILES

Cinema's glorious beginnings are showcased at the art nouveau home of Antoine Lumière, who moved to Lyon with sons Auguste and Louis in 1870. The brothers…