Bassin d’Apollon


At the eastern end of the Grand Canal, the Bassin d'Apollon was built in 1688. Emerging from the water in the centre is Apollo's chariot, pulled by rearing horses.

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1. Grand Canal

0.27 MILES

Oriented to reflect the sunset, the Grand Canal, 1.6km long and 62m wide, is traversed by the 1km-long Petit Canal, creating a cross-shaped body of water…

2. Château de Versailles Gardens & Park

0.31 MILES

The section of the vast gardens nearest the palace, laid out between 1661 and 1700 in the formal French style, is famed for its geometrically aligned…

3. Orangerie

0.51 MILES

On the southwestern side of the palace, the Orangerie, built under the Parterre du Midi (Southern Flowerbed), shelters tropical plants in winter.

4. Bassin de Neptune

0.54 MILES

The gardens' largest fountains include the 17th-century Bassin de Neptune, a dazzling mirage of 99 gushers 300m north of the palace, whose straight side…

5. Petit Trianon

0.57 MILES

Within the Domaine de Marie-Antoinette, the ochre-coloured Petit Trianon, built in the 1760s, was redecorated in 1867 by Empress Eugénie, the consort of…

7. Grand Trianon

0.58 MILES

In the middle of the park, approximately 1.5km northwest of the main building within the Domaine de Marie-Antoinette are Versailles' two smaller palaces,…

8. Château de Versailles

0.67 MILES

Amid magnificently landscaped formal gardens, this splendid and enormous palace was built in the mid-17th century during the reign of Louis XIV – the Roi…