Cathédrale St-Pierre

Golfe du Morbihan

On the eastern side of place St-Pierre looms the 13th-century Gothic Cathédrale St-Pierre, being ambitiously restored in parts at the time of writing. Inside, look for paintings of St Vincent Ferrier, a preacher and saint who died in Vannes is 1419.

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Nearby Golfe du Morbihan attractions

1. La Cohue – Musée des Beaux-Arts

0.02 MILES

Opposite the cathedral, the building called La Cohue has variously been a produce market, a law court and the seat of the Breton parliament. Today it's a…

2. Ramparts

0.07 MILES

Vannes' old town is surrounded by imposing ramparts and gates, which are in turn lined by a moat and, on the eastern edge, simply spectacular flower…

3. Musée d'Histoire et d'Archéologie

0.07 MILES

Housed inside the 16th-century Château Gaillard, this small but intriguing museum contains precious neolithic artefacts unearthed throughout the region,…

4. Maison de Vannes et Sa Femme

0.08 MILES

On the corner of rue Noë and rue Pierre Rogue, look for the famous Maison de Vannes et Sa Femme, which sports a timber carving of a portly 16th-century…

5. Jardins des Remparts


These beautifully manicured gardens lie just outside the walls of the town and are a gorgeous place to relax and take in some astonishing views.

6. Cairn de Gavrinis

8.88 MILES

One of the most special neolithic ruins along the Morbihan coast, this giant cairn is out on the island of the same name. Dating from 4000 BC and…

7. Cairn de Petit Mont

10.75 MILES

This broad neolithic tomb sits on the southern shore the Rhuys Peninsula, on the southern edge of the Golfe du Morbihan. Built between 4500 and 2500 BC,…

8. Locmariaquer Megaliths

10.79 MILES

This unusual neolithic site on the eastern edge of the village of Locmariaquer (13km south of Auray) sits in an area rich in dolmens. This one features…