Hôtel de Ville

Built from 1896 to 1904, Tours' monumental city hall was designed to project both republican values and municipal prestige.

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1. Palais de Justice

0.06 MILES

Built in the 1840s, Tours' neoclassical courthouse has an imposing colonnade facing place Jean Jaurès.

2. Basilique St-Martin

0.33 MILES

In the Middle Ages, Tours was an important pilgrimage city thanks to the relics of soldier-turned-evangelist St Martin (c 317–97). In the 5th century a…

3. Église St-Julien

0.36 MILES

Most of this Gothic church, once part of a Benedictine abbey, dates from the mid-1200s.

5. Musée des Beaux-Arts

0.38 MILES

This superb fine-arts museum, in a gorgeous 18th-century archbishop’s palace, features paintings, sculpture, furniture and objets d'art from the 14th to…

6. Tour de l’Horloge

0.38 MILES

One of the last vestiges of Tours' 13th-century, Romanesque Basilique St-Martin.

7. Hôtel Gouïn

0.38 MILES

Hidden behind an Italianate façade, this gorgeous early-Renaissance residence – visible through a stone gate – was built for a wealthy merchant around…

8. Musée du Compagnonnage

0.39 MILES

This extraordinary museum – an absolute gem! – spotlights France's renowned compagnonnages, guild organisations of skilled craftspeople who have created…