Cloître de Cadouin


This Unesco-listed 12th-century Cistercian abbey and its Gothic cloister hide in the forest just south of the Dordogne, along the River Bélingou.

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Nearby Cadouin attractions

1. Grottes de Maxange

2.71 MILES

Discovered in 2000 in a stone quarry, this cave system is packed with stalagtites and mineral deposits.

2. Gouffre de Proumeyssac

6.65 MILES

In high season, reserve ahead for a guided tour of this vast cave with sparkling stalactites. It has an aerial basket for viewing the cavern.

3. Grotte du Sorcier

9.04 MILES

About 8km west of Les Eyzies, near the hamlet of St-Cirq, this privately owned cave features several animal engravings dating from around 15,000 BC to 17…

4. Place des Cornières

9.12 MILES

From the town’s three gateways, Monpazier’s flat, grid-straight streets lead to the arcaded market square (also known as place Centrale), surrounded by an…

5. Bastideum

9.14 MILES

This small interpretative centre is a good stop for history buffs interested in reading up on bastides, or, for a bit more family fun, playing one of the…

6. Château de Lanquais

9.83 MILES

This château, with portions dating from as early as the 12th century, though much of it is in the later Italian Renaissance style, is fully kitted out…

7. Musée National de Préhistoire

11.01 MILES

Inside a marvellous modern building alongside the cliffs, this museum provides a fine prehistory primer, with the most comprehensive collection of…

8. Abri Pataud

11.04 MILES

About 250m north of the Musée National de Préhistoire, this Cro-Magnon abri (shelter) was inhabited over a period of 15,000 years starting some 37,000…