Grand Bassin

St-Germain & Les Invalides

All ages love the octagonal Grand Bassin, an elegant ornamental pond where proud parents watch their children tear with sticks after 1920s toy sailboats sailing on the water.

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1. Jardin du Luxembourg

0.05 MILES

This famous inner-city oasis of formal terraces, chestnut groves and lush lawns has a special place in Parisians' hearts. 

2. Fontaine des Médicis

0.12 MILES

East of the Palais du Luxembourg within the Jardin du Luxembourg is the ornate, Italianate Fontaine des Médicis, built in 1630. During Baron Haussmann’s…

3. Orangery

0.16 MILES

Behind the Musée du Luxembourg, within the Jardin du Luxembourg, in the palace’s vintage orangerie (orangery), an elegant building filled with aromatic…

4. Palais du Luxembourg

0.16 MILES

At the northern end of the Jardin du Luxembourg, the Palais du Luxembourg was built in the 1620s for Marie de Médici, Henri IV’s consort, to assuage her…

5. Musée du Luxembourg

0.18 MILES

This elegant museum plays host to prestigious temporary art exhibitions. Admission prices vary; it's free for under-16s. Online bookings cost €1.50 extra…

6. Orchards


Fruit trees planted to exacting perfection fill centuries-old orchards in the southern section of the Jardin du Luxembourg.

7. Rucher du Luxembourg

0.21 MILES

Near the orchards in the south of the Jardin du Luxembourg is this historical apiary, where bees have produced honey since the 19th century.

8. Pavillon Davioud

0.25 MILES

Completed in 1881, the ornate Pavillon Davioud in the Jardin du Luxembourg hosts events such as the Fête du Miel (Honey Festival) in late September every…