Must-see attractions in Carcassonne

  • Night view of Carcassone medieval city in France.

    Cité Médiévale


    Built on a steep spur of rock, Carcassonne’s rampart-ringed fortress dates back more than two millennia. The fortified town is encircled by two sets of…

  • Pont-Vieux


    Though it’s one of several bridges spanning the Aude River, the Pont-Vieux is by far the oldest and prettiest. It was built during the 14th century to…

  • Château et Remparts


    To actually walk on the ramparts of Cité Médiévale, you have to pay to enter the Château et Remparts, a keep built for the viscounts of Carcassonne during…

  • Basilique St-Nazaire


    Carcassonne's basilica is worth a peek for its soaring Gothic transept and vivid rose windows. Often, traditional plain chant can be heard inside.

  • Porte Narbonnaise


    The main gateway to the Cité Médiévale, Porte Narbonnaise leads into the citadel’s interior.

  • Porte d’Aude


    The castle’s second gate, Porte d'Aude, was partly destroyed in 1816 and no longer has its drawbridge.