White herons in Naturoparc.

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Set amid the vines, this delightful centre is home base for 200 free-flying storks; visit in spring and you're guaranteed to see hatchlings. Cormorants, otters and sea lions show off their fishing prowess several times each afternoon. The park's other resident critters include beaver-like coypus and increasingly rare great hamsters of Alsace. Visit the website for up-to-date feeding times.

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Nearby Alsace attractions

1. Jardins des Papillons

0.12 MILES

Stroll among exotic free-flying butterflies at these pretty gardens, situated around 500m east of Hunawihr. A walk among the wildflowers here reveals not…

2. Cave de Ribeauvillé

0.91 MILES

France’s oldest winegrowers’ cooperative, which brings together 40 vintners, was founded in 1895. The huge, contemporary building contains a viniculture…

3. Pfifferhüs


Along the main street that threads through the old town is the 17th-century Pfifferhüs, which once housed the town’s fife-playing minstrels.

4. Vieille Ville

1.01 MILES

Along the main street that threads through the old town, keep an eye out for the 17th-century Pfifferhüs, which once housed the town’s fife-playing…

5. Hôtel de Ville

1.09 MILES

Standing proud above the centre of Ribeauvillé, across from 64 Grand’Rue, this town hall is fronted by a Renaissance fountain.

6. Maison de Hansi

1.39 MILES

Peer into the imagination of celebrated Colmar-born illustrator Jean-Jacques Waltz (1873–1951), aka Hansi, whose idealised images of Alsace are known…

7. Tour des Voleurs

1.44 MILES

Rue des Juifs (site of the former Jewish quarter) leads down the hill to this medieval stone tower. Inside is a gruesome torture chamber with English…

8. Dolder

1.48 MILES

This late-13th-century stone and half-timbered gate, topped by a 25m bell tower, is worth a look for its panoramic views and small local-history museum.