Rue du Petit Fort street in Dinan, France.

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Rue du Jerzual & rue du Petit Fort

Top choice in Brittany

Lined with half-timbered houses, this astonishing cobbled street has been here since at least the 12th century. It leads downhill at a steep angle all the way to the old bridge and the river, to become rue du Petit Fort as it approaches the water. These are two of the best-preserved streets in Brittany, lined with art galleries, antiques shops and restaurants.

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1. Tour de l'Horloge

0.09 MILES

Climb up to the little balcony of this 15th-century clock tower whose chimes ring every quarter-hour.

2. Basilique St-Sauveur


The soaring chancel of the Basilique St-Sauveur is Flamboyant Gothic, but the south side of the church is Romanesque, while other periods and styles get…

3. Tour Ste-Catherine

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The 14th-century Tour Ste-Catherine is just east of Basilique St-Sauveur and beyond the tiny Jardin Anglais (English Garden), a former cemetery and…

4. Vieux Pont

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Be sure to head downhill along rue du Jerzual and rue du Petit Fort to the Vieux Pont (Old Bridge). From here, the bridge, a pretty little port, hemmed by…

5. Château-Musée de Dinan


The town's museum is atmospherically housed in the keep of Dinan's ruined 14th-century château, showcasing the town's history, with information sheets in…

6. Barrage de la Rance

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Built in 1966, this 750m bridge over the Rance estuary carries the D168 between St-Malo and Dinard, lopping a good 30km off the journey. A feat of…

7. Grand Aquarium

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Containing over 600 species of marine creature, this very popular aquarium about 4km south of the city centre features a 'Nautibus' ride – a simulated…