Musée Goya


This excellent gallery on the 1st floor of Castres' Hôtel de Ville has a collection of mostly Spanish art, including work by Picasso, Rusiñol, Velázquez and, of course, several works by Goya (including the vast La Junte des Philippines). The museum's arms room has interesting collections of old weapons, helmets and fragments of WWII resistance history.

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1. Centre National et Musée Jean Jaurès

0.24 MILES

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3. Maison du Vieil Alby

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4. Collégiale & Cloître Saint-Salvi

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This delicate church is worth a look for its lovely 13th-century cloister whose columns are decorated with Gothic and Romanesque flourishes.

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This 19th-century bridge across the River Tarn provides a fine perspective over Albi's pink-bricked cathedral.

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