Plage de Donnant

Golfe du Morbihan

This lovely beach on the west side of the island is secluded, but swimming is very dangerous due to riptides.

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Nearby Golfe du Morbihan attractions

1. Aiguilles de Port Coton

1.29 MILES

Just off the western side of the island, these magnificent rock stacks – depicted in a series of celebrated canvases by Claude Monet in 1886 – resemble…

3. Plage d'Herlin

3.66 MILES

This small, sheltered beach on the south coast of the island is a good choice for young kids.

5. Pointe des Poulains

4.48 MILES

The island's northernmost point juts out dramatically at Pointe des Poulains. Flanked by craggy cliffs and affording sublime views, this windswept…

6. Plage des Grands Sables

6.42 MILES

This rather epic 2km-long stretch of sand spans the calm waters of the island's eastern flank.

7. Grande Plage

11.91 MILES

Grande Plage is a long, family-friendly and attractive, sheltered sweep of sand; bathing spots towards the peninsula's tip are less crowded.

8. Musée de Préhistoire

19.38 MILES

The Musée de Préhistoire is chock full of the finds from the megalithic sites throughout the region, so it serves as a fantastic primer to the area and…