Houtskär Skärgårdsmuseum

Turku Archipelago

Clustered near the Näsby church, this modest museum consists of 10 traditional island-red wood buildings, including a windmill, a restored dairy shed and a period home. The boat museum contains a traditional fishing boat as well as other maritime artefacts.

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1. Korpo kyrka

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The centrepiece of Korpo village is its medieval church. Built in the late 13th century, it features naïve paintings on the ceiling and a statue of St…

2. Iniö kyrka

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Iniö's sweet stone church was named after the newborn princess Sofia Wilhelmina when it was consecrated in 1801.

3. Archipelago Museum

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An impressive collection of historic wooden sea craft of all sizes and functions, including rowing boats, fishing boats and one of the last remaining…

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Kustavi’s wooden church, built in 1783, features the cruciform shape and votive miniature ships common in coastal churches.