On Taveuni's dramatic, windswept South Cape. As the water jumps up through the volcanic rock it creates rainbows in the air.

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3. International Dateline

15.38 MILES

Though Fiji adheres to the single time convention, the International Dateline cuts straight through Taveuni, offering visitors a great photo-op and the…

4. Bouma National Heritage Park

16.08 MILES

This national park protects over 80% of Taveuni's total area, covering about 150 sq km (57 sq mi) of rainforest and coastal forest. The park includes the…

5. Waitavala Water Slide

16.35 MILES

Wahooo! This awesome natural slide is a ton of fun. Slide down on your bum or attempt it standing up, like the local kids. Either way, you’ll end up in a…