Entos Eyesu

Lake Tana & its Monasteries

The small island next door to Kebran Gabriel hosts the completely modern and, frankly, uninteresting Entos Eyesu, which offers the novelty of monks and nuns living together. The tiny treasury has a few old books and pictures.

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Nearby Lake Tana & its Monasteries attractions

1. Kebran Gabriel

0.31 MILES

Though the 17th-century church at Kebran Gabriel is beautiful, it’s no longer open to the public and the museums (one each for men and women) have nothing…

2. Debre Maryam

2.59 MILES

The original 14th-century (some say 12th-century) church at Debre Maryam was rebuilt by Tewodros in the 19th century. It’s unattractive both outside and…

4. Fish Market

3.82 MILES

There’s a one-table fish market in the mud-hut deacon’s village behind St George’s Church. The catch is brought in by tankwa in the morning and pelicans…

5. St George Church

3.88 MILES

One of the largest churches in Bahir Dar and right next to the water, but it's not a patch on Lake Tana's monasteries.

6. Main Mosque

3.91 MILES

Bahir Dar's largest mosque and an important local landmark.

7. Blue Nile Bridge

4.03 MILES

You can only reach the famous outlet of the Blue Nile by boat, but you can get pretty close along the Gonder road, 2km out of town, where a bridge spans…

8. Tekla Haimanot

4.04 MILES

On top of the Zege Peninsula’s highest point, 10 minutes' walk from Bete Selassie, the church at Tekla Haimanot is similar but smaller than Bete Selassie…