Village in Dorze

Hayzo is one of the few Southern Nations’ villages that has succeeded in turning the influx of tourists into a positive experience for all concerned. You can see the traditional way of life with few hassles from begging kids and without the need to pay for photos. Guides (Birr200) are mandatory and can be found at the Besa Gamo Chencha Local Guide Association in Dorze, though most people hire a guide (same price) from Mekonen Lodge further up the hill.

The standard short tour usually kicks off with a look inside one of the famed Dorze huts, followed by visits to the weaving cooperative (women spin the thread and men work the looms) and pottery workshop. You’ll probably also get to bake and eat kocho, a delicious, fermented, unleavened bread made from enset. It’s eaten with honey or data (a delicious hot sauce). With more time you can see and do pretty much anything else, like visiting coffee plantations, fruit farms and local hooch stills. A dance demonstration can also be arranged.

A colourful market can be found at Hayzo on Monday and Thursday.