Forty Springs

Southern Ethiopia

Arba Minch, which is Amharic for ‘Forty Springs’, is named after the innumerable little springs that bubble up right at the base of the ridge below the town. All the development (the city pumps its water from here) and the fact that it’s not especially scenic to begin with make it only worth visiting if you’ve already paid park fees. The 3km road there from the headquarters, however, is beautiful and is a good, easy walk.

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1. Nechisar National Park

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2. Arba Minch Crocodile Ranch

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Lake Chamo supports a very large population of crocodiles and, unlike neighbouring Lake Abaya, the waters are not rusty in colour.

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8. Chencha Market

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The village of Chencha, 8km further up the road from Hayzo, has a vibrant market on Tuesday and Saturday.