Crocodile Market

Viewpoint in Nechisar National Park

Where the Kulfo River empties into Lake Chamo you’ll find oodles of crocodiles sunning themselves. Both the size of the congregation and the size of the crocs (6m is common) make this one of Africa’s best crocodile displays. There are also plenty of hippos, fish eagles and shore birds.

The Rift Valley Boat Service Association holds a monopoly on the trips, so prices are high. The cost of the boat (which has a roof) for a group of up to six people is Birr800, and hiring a mandatory guide is between Birr250 and Birr300. You also have to transport the guide and boat driver to the launching point, 11km from Shecha.

While it’s only a 20- to 30-minute boat ride to the crocs (there’s actually not a single spot – their preferred perch changes with the seasons), allow two hours for the trip. It’s best to visit mid-afternoon or early morning.