Estonian Museum of Contemporary Art

Kalamaja & Telliskivi

Despite its highfalutin name, this grungy old warehouse space is more slapped together than slick. It started as a squat collective in 2006, and exhibitions still tend to be edgier and more oddball than anything you'll find at the more official galleries. For that reason, there are more surprises, but perhaps fewer moments of real artistic success here than at many safer galleries.

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1. Linnahall

0.13 MILES

Resembling a cross between a nuclear bunker, a WWII sea-fort and some inscrutable temple to a vanished god, the Linnahall is in fact a covered concrete…

2. Fat Margaret

0.19 MILES

Attached to the Great Coast Gate, this rotund 16th-century cannon tower once protected a major entrance to Old Town. It's now one half of the Estonian…

3. St Olaf's Church

0.29 MILES

From 1549 until 1625, when its 159m steeple was struck by lightning and burnt down, this (now Baptist) church was one of the tallest buildings in the…

4. KGB Prison Cells

0.35 MILES

Formerly producing hushed dread in Tallinn's Soviet-era citizens, the KGB headquarters at Pagari 1 is now a historical site, and the Museum of Occupations…

5. Estonian Museum of Natural History

0.37 MILES

Beginning as the collections of Estonian naturalists in the 19th century, the holdings at this natural history museum exceed 300,000 examples of the…

6. Architecture Museum

0.38 MILES

A restored limestone warehouse – the former Rotermann Salt Store – houses this modest museum, displaying building and town models (many of them from…

7. St Nicholas' Orthodox Church

0.43 MILES

Built in 1827 on the site of an earlier Catholic church appearing in 15th-century records, St Nicholas' was the focal point for the Russian traders that…

8. Patarei

0.44 MILES

A sea fort built in the classicist style in 1840 as part of the defences of the Russian Empire, Patarei was subsequently used as a prison by the Estonian…