O Luts Parish School Museum

Museum in Palamuse

The future novelist Oskar Luts attended school in this rustic building from 1895 to 1899, as immortalised in his most famous book Kevade. The subsequent film adaptation was shot here and the schoolhouse now features displays on all three: the film, the book and the writer.

Kevade's primary audience is Estonian, so it's not surprising that English captions are limited. However, it's still fun to potter around the re-created classroom, dorm and teacher's bedroom, and to look at the black-and-white stills of the movie and various stage productions.

Best of all, you can hire a slingshot and attempt to re-create a scene in the movie by breaking a window in a neighbouring building. Museum staff assure us that kids have a much better success rate at this than their parents do – and in any case, the window is quickly replaced.