Pendennis Castle

Castle in Falmouth

Designed in tandem with its sister castle in St Mawes across the estuary, this Tudor castle sits proudly on Pendennis Point, and was built as part of Henry VIII's massive castle-building program to reinforce England's coastline. You can wander around the central keep and the Tudor gun deck, as well as the governor's bedroom, a WWI guardhouse and the WWII-era Half-Moon Battery. Listen out for the Noonday Gun, which rings out at 12pm sharp every day in July and August.

During the Civil War, the castle was engaged in a six-month siege under the command of Captain John Arundell of Trerice, during which the garrison resorted to eating the castle’s dogs, rats and horses to survive.

Outdoor concerts are held in the grounds during summer.

The road out to the point makes for a lovely walk or bike ride, with great views over the town's dockyard.