Parque Nacional El Imposible

Top choice in Western El Salvador

Edging Guatemala, the mostly primary forest of Parque Nacional El Imposible shimmers with rivers and beautiful waterfalls. Hiking can get muddy and steep, but it rewards with panoramas of misty peaks and the gleaming Pacific Ocean. The best time to visit is October to February, as the rainy season hinders travel. Entry is via one of two points – either from the north or the southeast.

The main San Benito entrance is on the southeast side, beyond the hamlet of San Miguelito. If entering from the north via Tacuba, you don't need to pay, but you should be with a guide as it gets dense pretty quickly. Try Imposible Tours for a range of excellent options.

Patient wildlife spotters may see pumas, tigrillos, wild boars, antelopes and anteaters, while birders will thrill to black-crested eagles, king hawks, motmots and hundreds of other bird species. Butterflies are also in abundance.

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