La Chocolatera

National Park in Salinas

The westernmost point of Ecuador has three main attractions:La Fae Beach, with a boarded walkway where you can watch a seal colony;El Morro (or little hill), with a lighthouse and incredibly spectacular views over Salinas; and La Chocolatera – a point named for the way the tempestuous waves break on the rocks, creating foam and the impression of a big bowl of chocolate.

It's possible to walk or cycle to La Chocolatera from Salinas, but the heat can be exhausting. The best way to go is by taxi ($6 to $9) – ask them to wait while you visit all three sites. La Chocolatera is accessed via the Salinas naval base, so bring ID.

Surfing competitions sometimes take place at La Fae Beach, and speed skaters favor the hills and perfectly paved winding roads around the park.