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Sosúa by day and Sosúa by night are two different creatures. When the sun is out, the beach and calm bay are pleasant for swimming and attract a broad swath of Dominicans, foreigners and families alike. When evening comes, the place becomes what locals refer to as 'so-sewer.' The inescapable fact, despite the mayor's efforts otherwise, is that Sosúa is known for sex tourism. Bars fill up with Dominican and Haitian sex workers and those who wish to engage them. Men can expect to be accosted and propositioned.

Regardless, Sosúa is the base for the area's scuba-diving operations and conveniently located for exploring the north coast. The town’s curious status as the cheese and dairy capital of the DR was established by around 350 families of Jewish refugees who fled Germany and other parts of Europe in 1940. Since few were farmers, most left after a couple of years, but not before building many fine homes.

Top attractions

These are our favorite local haunts, touristy spots, and hidden gems throughout Sosúa.