Los Tres Ojos

Santo Domingo

Consisting of three humid caverns with dark blue lagoons connected by stalactite-filled passages, this site is lovely if you show up early to beat the crowds. Upon entrance, a long stairway takes visitors down a narrow tunnel in the rock, and a cement path at the bottom leads through the caves. At the third ojo, a small boat can be hired for RD$20 to visit a fourth ojo, which is actually a gorgeous lake beneath open sky, filled with fish.

On certain days, a man whom locals refer to as 'cave tarzan' accepts tips for climbing the cave wall and plunging 6m into the water. Visitors, however, are not allowed to swim. On the way out, vendors aggressively hawk their services and wares – if you’re not interested, say a firm 'no, gracias' and keep walking.

It's a RD$200 taxi ride from Zona Colonial.

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